Meet Us

Meet Dewaal’s Jewellery Designers.

Stephen Dewaal

A love-affair with jewellery started when 16 year-old Stephen began training in costume jewellery manufacture. Inspired, he undertook a jewellery apprenticeship in Sydney, learning the fine art of jewellery manufacture and design.

Soon after, Stephen went into business for himself on the Central Coast, producing jewellery for retail stores Australia-wide. 26 years on, and the retail stores had begun to shift their focus from local custom-made jewellery, to mass-produced imports.

With a strong desire to continue producing stunning bespoke jewellery, Stephen moved away from the retail sector and established Dewaal Jewellery.

You just know that every piece is guaranteed to be original and beautiful.

“Every piece of jewellery should be as unique as you and should always give you pleasure to wear for a lifetime”

Laura Dewaal

Creative, unique, artistic and precise. These are the kind of qualities you want in your personal jeweller. She may be the youngest of the Dewaal clan, but make no mistake, she’s got talent. With a good eye for design, and a fresh perspective, Laura is bringing a new element into the Dewaal Jewellery business.

Trained in CAD design and 3D printing, Laura will bring your ideas to life and let you see them before they are even made in the metal that you desire! She can print out a plastic 3D model of your design plus a render imagine to give you best idea how how the design will turn out!

If you are looking for advice about what’s on trend, come in and have a chat to Laura!

Belinda Dow

Our newest member to the team is our lovely sales and office lady Belinda. With years of experience in retail jewellery shops and knowledge of jewellery, she will greet you with a big smile and talk your ear off! She is always happy to have a chat and can help with designs or any questions you may have.

To discover the heady delights of owning stunning jewellery designed exclusively for you, talk to Dewaal’s team of experienced jewellery designers.