Custom Design

At Dewaal Jewellery we believe you should be part of the process for the design and making of the piece of jewellery. Whether it be the old fashion hand drawing to the CAD design, we want to make sure the design is what you want and for you to understand the process along the way.

Drawing from experience

Throughout the ages, the first stage in designing any piece of jewellery would involve sketching out the design on paper. Ideas would be formulated and the design refined until a detailed sketch was rendered.
Sketching is a simple way to see your design on paper. We get you to sit down with our jeweller and either show us pictures of what you want or describe as best that you can about what design you want made.

Once that process is done, we then start making the ‘Blank’, the blank is the design of the jewellery without the stones set in. This is to make sure that we are heading in the right direction for your design. This is a very important part of the process as we can easily change the design of the ring, so you are completely happy with it.
Once you are happy with the blank we then set the stones and the piece of jewellery will be completed.

CAD design

Just like the jewellery makers of old, the Dewaal Jewellery design team will begin with an intricate drawing to
capture and solidify your ideas. Using sophisticated, computer-generated imaging the drawing is then transformed into a detailed 3D graphic representation of your jewellery piece, allowing you to view it from every angle.
At this stage, you have the freedom to make any alterations to the design to ensure the final piece is everything you ever dreamed it would be.

Once you’re completely happy with the on-screen design, we create a wax model of your jewellery piece that you can actually try on. In most cases, we can even set your gemstones in place so you can see how they sit within the design.
Usually the first chance you’ll get to try on your custom-made jewellery piece is once it has been completed. There are no second chances to make minor alterations to get it 100% right. Our wax model lets you see exactly how your piece will look – and fit – so you can make any final tweaks before it’s too late.

The final step is to create your custom-made piece with the precious metals and gemstones of your choice. Your wax model serves only to refine your design and is never used to create a cast for your jewellery. Each piece is carefully and individually crafted by hand for an enduring quality finish.
The entire process only takes about 5 weeks, but the results will last a lifetime
For jewellery that is perfectly fit, and perfectly you.