A personalised approach to jewellery

CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS BREAK: Please note that the Dewaal team will be taking a short break from 12pm on Thursday the 24th of December, through to Tuesday the 12th of January 2016.

For any urgent enquiries please email us at info@dewaaljewellery.com.au

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Dewaal Family!

Here at Dewaal Jewellery, we believe your jewellery should be a reflection of you, a testament to your uniqueness and an expression of your personality.

Jewellery should be amongst the most valuable of your earthly possessions, that’s why our Jewellers take the time to understand what you want in your design. We are focused on delivering exquisitely handcrafted pieces that are ensured to last long enough to become your own coveted family heirloom.

We also strongly support the movement towards improving human rights worldwide. We are 100% against unethically sourced diamonds, that’s why we guarantee that any diamond you buy directly from us is conflict free.

So come in to Dewaal Jewellery and speak to one of our highly qualified jewellers. We are conveniently located just off the M1 at the Tuggerah Business Park, give us a call today on 02 4353 5477 and discover what we can create just for you!

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